Mr. Jean-Christophe ROLLAND, President of the International Rowing Federation
Mr. Jean-Jacques MULOT, President of the French Rowing Federation
Mr. Denis MASSEGLIA, President  of the French National Olympic  Sports Committee
Mr. Xavier BERTRAND, President of the  Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais Picardie
Mr. Jean-René LECERF, President of the General Council of Nord

Mr. Patrice VERGRIETE, President of the Dunkirk Urban Community
Mr. Bertrand RINGOT, President of the Aa SIVOM and Mayor of Gravelines


Mr .Patrick RANVIER, National Technical Director of the French Federation

Mr. Eric NOTIN, President of the French commission of Communication of the French Federation
Mr. Yannick BERSOT,
Director of Communication of the French Federation


Mr. Jacques DECRIEM, President of the NPdC Rowing Committee and  Gravelines Rowing Club

Mr. Philippe LOT, Sports Director – City of Gravelines

Mr. Christophe ISAERT, Vice Sport Director – City of Gravelines
Mr. Jean-Pierre LE LAIN, Head of Logistics, Technical et Sportive Organisation

Mr.Dominique SENICOURT, Head of Security and electronical logistic

Mr. Frederic LOORIUS, PAarc des Rives de l’Aa Manager and Head of Installations

Mr. Arnaud BLOCKLET, Volunteers and Communication

Ms. Marie LECLERCQ, Accommodation Commission

Mr. Frederic NION, Transportation Commission